5 Authors Reveal How To Write eBooks That Sell

Writing an eBook is easier but, writing an eBook that sells is difficult. You must need some powerful strategies to promote and sell your eBook. So, I conducted an eBook Roundup where five eBook Sellers share their thoughts

5 Experts Tips For Writing Ebooks That Sell

5 eBooks sellers share thier secrets to sell eBooks
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Amit Mishra Blogger
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Amit Mishra

Amit Mishra

“Ebook is something which is really very easy to create and promote. Anyone who is good at writing and have some skills in any particular area can make an ebook and sell.

You can write down your thoughts on google docs or your existing blog post can be used to convert it into an ebook using Designrr.io my favorite website to convert any web page in the ebook.

Later you can use that ebook as your lead magnet or you can offer to your existing subscribers as a bonus.

After creating an ebook you can host your ebook on kindle or on Instamojo where you can charge on per downloads.”

eBooks By Amit Mishra

image of Ryan Biddulph
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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph

Write and self-publish an eBook to solving a specific problem. For example, I promoted one of my eBooks a few moments ago via a guest post. The eBook helps you increase profits through Twitter. Does it get more simple? Most bloggers do not understand Twitter, let alone driving profits through the platform.

I shared practical tips to solve that problem. Write an eBook solving a simple problem. Share simple, practical tips in the eBook. Listen to your readers. Help them solve their problems. Share value and readers see you and your eBooks in a valuable light. 

eBook By Ryan Biddulph

image of Abhit Upadhyay
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Abhit Upadhyay

Abhit Upadhyay

“According to me first of all eBook cover is so important, people don’t know about you initially do they will attract by the cover and yes then the content is important”


“Take the time to survey your core audience to ensure your book meets their needs. We often assume we know what people want, but you never really know unless you ask.

Prior to writing my book, I used my email list to survey my subscribers.  The feedback was invaluable and inspired much of the content in the book. Not to mention, it’s a great way to win over your readers.  They ask. You deliver.”

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Santanu Debnath

Santanu Debnath

“ Thanks for inviting me on this roundup post, I am honored. Recently I have created my first eBook after many hiccups. I was stopping myself to take this action for a long time and took a huge amount of time to create the first eBook.

But after the launch of the first eBook, I received very good feedback. This has helped me to gain more confidence and I have started writing my 2nd eBook.

Now let me tell you how exactly I have created the first eBook.

1) Choose a topic that can solve a major problem with your audience. My targeted audience is beginners who want to start blogging. So I chose the topic as SEO best practices so that they can understand how to do SEO that Google likes.

2) Structure the content properly so that you can narrate the entire topic in detail. You can think like writing a long blog post where you will share more insights on each topic with more proof and practical examples.

3) Create a very attractive cover so that you can attract readers. There are plenty of free tools you can use or else hire some freelancer to do that.

4) The best way to promote your eBook is through your website. I have a very engaging Facebook group where I have shared the eBook and got a very good response. I also ran a Facebook Ad to promote my eBook. 

So far I have not sold any of my eBooks.But my next eBook will be paid one. Amazon is the best place to sell your eBooks. Besides that, one can also open an account in InstaMojo and sell their eBooks online.”

That’s Opinions of 5 experts on creating an eBook that sells. Recently, I also created my eBook called “Guest Blogging 101 Crash Course“.

I created this eBook with the help of Canva.com, All designing and writing part is completely done on canva. You can also use Canva for creating professional graphics.


Writing an eBook may take a lot of time, but it makes the authority of the author. eBook selling is also a very profitable business.

if you liked tips given by experts then do share with your friends to help them create an eBook. You can also join our Facebook community for more help around blogging or Online Marketing.

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5 thoughts on “5 Authors Reveal How To Write eBooks That Sell”

  1. Amazing article on ebook…. I’ve not seen ever. It’s fabulous way to create ebooks and promote them for your business and helpful for authors.

  2. Hi Shehraj, thanks for having me on this one! I learned a lot of what NOT to do when publishing an eBook so I hope that I can help others learn before they do! I am hoping to revise or publish a new one for 2020 – stay tuned! Nice to read the tips from the others as well. I’ve learned some more NEW things like using a website to design the book from your blog. That would be a major timesaver.
    Have a great weekend Shehraj.


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