15 Best Social Sharing Plugins (Free + Paid)

Social Sharing is important, isn’t it? Especially if you are a Blogger, leveraging social sharing is equally important as keyword research.

But if you are still confused about which plugins to use, then you don’t have to worry.

We have done all the hard work for you and prepared this go through guide including the best social sharing plugins for WordPress available out there.

This guide contains almost all the popular yet useful plugins available for WordPress. As this, is going to be a long post so we have included a table of contents as well.

Feel free to jump to a specific headline if it seems familiar.

Enough talk, let’s dive right in the list.

15 Best Social Sharing Plugins

1. Social Warfare

screenshot of social warfare.com
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Social Warfare is one of the most popular social sharing plugin available out there.

Its popularity can be judged by the claim made by the company that there are over 10,00,000 downloads of this plugin.

The plugin comes in both free as well as paid versions.

The free version can be used for simple sharing buttons, but the pro version unsurprisingly consists of some most powerful features.

We will talk about the features in detail later in the post.

But before moving there, let me tell you that within the free version, this plugin can give you,

  • Simple social sharing buttons that look good in minimal version.
  • A number of placement options which include the floating buttons as well.
  • Support for inserting big social media platforms.

These features seem enough for a blog starting out, but if you opt for a paid plan there is much more waiting for you.

In the premium version of the plugin, you’ll get

Twitter Cards

Pinterest Images

Minimum Counts

sharable quotes

<<<+4 columns with the features should also be inserted here>>>

These features can easily make anyone greedy. These features are really useful and quite over deliverable.

All these features are bundled in a premium plan which starts from just 29$ for a single site.

Which fortunately increases with the number of licenses you are purchasing.

You can always buy the plugin from here.

2. Shared Counts

screenshot of Shared Counts plugin
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Shared Counts is one of the plugins that inherits from the breed of easy to use and fast social sharing plugins.

Although it comes with a very limited number of platforms, it is still used by a number of sites.

It supports the most powerful social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Yummly, Pinterest, Google+ (Closed Now) and Mix.com (formerly known as Stumbleupon ).

The best part about this plugin is that it doesn’t have that big fancy buttons which take hours to customize and increases confusion.

In place of which, It has the most simple and attractive looking buttons placements of which can be edited manually. (before or after the content)

screenshot of Social sharing buttons plugin
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Look at Social Share buttons

The plugin is a free plugin but within the free plugin itself, you get all the below features:

  • Simple and Minimal sharing buttons,
  • Customized placements,
  • Available for custom post types as well,
  • Support for limited but powerful social media platforms, and
  • Customizable buttons.

Pricing: Free (0$)

3. Social Snap

screenshot of socialsnap website
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Note: This is the plugin we use on Bloggingfire itself and highly recommends to everyone.

Social Snap is one of the finest Social Sharing plugins available out there.

From the past few months, it has gained so much popularity due to its a well-designed interface and nice-looking share buttons.

In addition to which a lengthy list of features makes it a must-have.

Like Social Warfare, it does have a limited free version out there on WordPress repository. But the features that we will be discussing below are available in paid version only.

Starting from the very beginning, it lets you include over 30+ Social Networks within a single spot.

If you opt for the premium version of the plugin, unlike the floating bar or inline sharing buttons, you will also get some never heard features like sticky Bar and Share Hub.

screenshot of social share buttons of socialsnap
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When it comes to buttons then the choices are never-ending. You can easily customize button size, shape, and colours.

Also, Social Snap allows you to either show share counts individual for a platform or as a whole.

In addition to this, It also allows you to retain your minimum share counts which are lost during switching domains or moving to HTTPS.

Not only this, but It also has the ability to alter the metadata of your images to look it exactly as you want on social media such as their preview.

Along with that, you will also get a dashboard to analyze where and how many times your content is being shared.

Vertical Pinterest images are also supported by the plugin, which is definitely a great way to get more shares.

If you are currently using Social Warfare then this plugin might be the one you are searching for, Even this also has a built-in migration tool for this.

With these being the basic functionality available with the plugin let’s get a closer look at the advanced features included only in the paid plan.

  • Boost Old Posts: It allows you to share your old content by giving it a new life.
  • Social Login: Nowadays people don’t want to use their Email addresses to log in on certain sites, but this plugin fixes it all.
    It allows your users to sign in via Social Networks like Facebook and Google.
  • Social Media auto-poster: It can automatically share your content/ posts (old or new) to your social media profiles.
  • Click to Tweet Boxes: These boxes are the best way to get social shares and you can have it all with Social Snap premium version.
  • Device Targeting: This is the last but definitely not the least feature, with the help of which you can easily choose between the social networks to whether show on desktop or on mobile only.

#Bonus Tip
This is the feature that most of the social sharing plugins lose.

Pricing: Paid versions starting at just $39. Premium version with all addons starts at $99. Use coupon code “SNAP45” for 45% OFF.

4. Easy Social Sharing

screenshot of easy social sharing
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Easy Social Sharing comes from the breed of the plugins that have a bulky feature list with them.

Which obviously can be a good or a bad thing depending on your needs. But what makes it better is that no one can say that this plugin lacks the XYZ feature.

The reputation that this plugin had maintained over a few years with its 4.66/5 rating out of its 24,000 sales.

This means that 22,368 people out of 24,000 who have bought these are happy customers.

Starting from the very basics, this plugin supports,

  • 50+ Social Networks (this number is huge),
  • 28+ different placements,
  • 25+ animations,
  • 52+ pre-made templates, and a lot more

Of course, the numbers are huge, especially with the plus signs.

Not only this, the plugin over-delivers with some more advanced features such as:

  • Minimum Social Counts: It is a must-have feature to avoid negative social proofs by specifying the least number of social counts.
  • Popular Posts (Based on shares): It lets to display a number of posts categorized on the basis of a number of shares that they get.
  • Share Counts Recovery: No shares are lost while switching domains or moving to HTTPS with the help of this feature.
  • After Share Message (Personal Favorite): This feature is really amazing, it helps you to display a custom message after someone shares your content.
    With the help of this, you can show messages like an email opt-in resulting in building your email list as well.
  • Analytics and A/B Testing: Analytics is necessary to understand how and where your audience shares our content.
    You can view the detailed analysis of the button’s performance and perform an A/B testing to try and get more sales.

Although it falls in the category of social sharing plugins it does really more than that, such as:

  • Email Opt-ins: It comes along a built-in subscribe form module which can be displayed as a pop up after someone shares your content.
  • Live Chat: Yes, You heard it right? You can even display a live chat option on your website in integration with the Facebook messenger or Skype.

Pricing: With all this never-ending features list, the plugin comes under a price range of $20.

5. Add to Any Share Buttons

screenshot of AddtoAny share buttons
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This is one of the world’s most popular and widely used plugins out there. If you have started blogging recently then you have probably heard about this.

You can give me a link here If you are yet to start blogging, My fellow blogger Sanket Bhardwaj has published a guide on the same. You can check it out here.

Now, let’s come to the point, Add to any share buttons comes the support of a huge number of Social Networks including some of the never-heard names like Baidu, Amazon, Reddit, AIM, Balatarin, etc.

Not only being installed on a typical site, but it also comes with the support for a huge number of Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla Cloudflare, etc.

Moreover, it also comes with some of the mouth-watering features like:

  • Floating and inline share buttons,
  • Google Analytics Integration,
  • Customizable buttons,
  • Social counters, and
  • Follow buttons with Youtube and Instagram.

The only thing on which this plugin has a comparatively smaller footprint is performance. It is not that performance-optimized.

Pricing: $0 Free

6. MashShare

screenshot of mashshare plugin
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MashShare is one of the plugins which always does the same as its name. It lets its users add mashable types of icons to your site.

You can consider the plugin if you find it interesting with its mashable shape.

The number of social shares of a site using MashShare can be a little fake as it allows its users to add virtual social proofs as well to increase social popularity.

(I personally find it little dishonest)

Unlike Add to any share buttons, it is quite more performance-optimized as it uses smart caching for its share buttons so that they don’t slow down your site.

Until here, the free version does quite a lot especially that mashable style icons, but the premium version got you covered if you want some more features like:

  • Support for more social networks,
  • More share buttons placement options,
  • Click to tweet and/or select and share,
  • Event tracking with Google analytics, (Extremely Helpful)

Pricing: Free limited plugin, with add-ons, starting from 19$ each or you can opt for a discounted bundle.

7. Grow by Mediavine, formerly (Social Pug)

screenshot of image of grow by mediavine plugin
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Social Pug is a freemium Social Share buttons plugins absolutely with the most beautiful and out-of-the-box styled buttons.

This plugin is now renamed as Groww and is provided by Media Vine.

As a free plugin, it is downloaded over +80,000 times and has maintained a rating of around 3.5 stars.

Being free, It can show inline and floating share buttons for some major social networks like:

  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • Pinterest, and
  • Linkedin.

In addition to which it is composed of some really great features within the free version like:

  • Share Counts: Social counts can be displayed individually or as a whole with the help of it.
  • Customized Button Labels: Like other plugins, you can also customize the share buttons labels as per you like.
  • Multiple Share buttons locations: It comes with a number of share button locations within the free version itself. These locations include floating buttons, inline buttons, and also before or after the content.

These features can be more than enough if you are just starting out but in the long run if you wanted a plugin that you can trust on then you should opt for the premium version. which includes:

  • Minimum Share counts to avoid negative social proofs.
  • GDPR Compliance: All the share buttons are so designed that they can be used in the GDPR regulated countries as well.
  • Custom Open graph data.
  • Retina Ready Social buttons: All the share buttons are retina ready which means that they will automatically increase their size when being watched on a large display.
  • Google Analytics Integrations: It supports analytics of sharing buttons in integration with Google Analytics.
  • Click to Tweet boxes: These boxes are a good way to increase social shares as they can be embedded in between your content.

Pricing: Free limited version or $24 at which the premium version starts.

8. Monarch

screenshot of monarch social sharing plugin
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Monarch social sharing plugin comes from the Family of Elegant Themes. The same elegant themes which provide the popular Divi theme along with a number of WordPress plugins.

The Monarch plugin along with other plugins is provided by The Elegant themes within their single membership.

This means that the plugin can be a little expensive for some of you but in the end, it is definitely worth it.

Monarch is the only plugin, whose share buttons supports over 35 networks and can be placed around 5 different locations:

  • Above/ Below Content
  • Floating Sidebar
  • Automatic Popup
  • Automatic fly-in
  • On Images/Videos

Not only this, for Popups and fly-ins you can even choose a trigger for your social button. 

Our personal favourite trigger is when a user tries to leave the site because if someone is reading a piece of content, displaying popups can be really annoying.

#Bonus Tip 
Also, these popups can be used in some other places as a thank you page so as to increase sales.
For instance, if someone leaves a comment you can show them a popup saying Thanks for the valuable comment that they just did.

And you know what, it is proven by research that this kind of thing can increase user engagement and trust and ultimately sales as well.

At last, Monarch allows you to show your share buttons with the help of shortcodes or widgets as well.

Pricing: As we said earlier, To access the monarch, you have to purchase the Elegant Themes membership. For which you have to pay $89 but you will get some other cool stuff like this including the most popular Divi theme as well. 

9. WP Social Sharing

screenshot of-WordPress Social Sharing Plugin
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WP Social Sharing comes from the family of lightweight plugins. Due to the fact that it is more lightweight than any of the plugins discussed earlier here.

But if applying share buttons from the giant networks is your only goal then this is the last plugin that you will need. 

It allows you to show share buttons fast and easily which includes a ton of social networks like:

  • Facebook,
  • Instagram, 
  • Twitter, 
  • Pinterest,
  • Xing,
  • Reddit,
  • Linkedin, and a lot more

You can not only just customize the share text of the buttons but also add custom text beside them.

Also, the share buttons are made up of CSS3 but not images that make it more responsive.

But at the same time, being a free plugin, this plugin lacks some of the basic features such as:

  • Minimum Share Counts
  • GDPR compliance
  • Sticky share buttons
  • Click to tweet boxes, etc

As these many features which this plugin lacks, it will now be a good step to use this plugin.

However, you can still download the plugin from the link below.

10. Add This Share Buttons

image-of-addthis-social media plugin
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Add this is the world’s most popular social sharing plugin among the Newbie Bloggers.

If you have just started out in Blogging then you can blindly trust this plugin if you have no one to turn to. 

In spite o being a free plugin Add this social sharing plugin has it all that a Newbie Blogger can ever need.

Out of these features, some o the most common features are listed below. 

  • Responsive Share Buttons
  • Customizable buttons
  • Huge placement options
  • Floating buttons
  • Inline sharing buttons
  • In content sharing buttons, and a lot more

All these features are being supported for all the major social media platforms like:

  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • Instagram, 
  • Pinterest, 
  • Reddit, 
  • Email, 
  • Whatsapp, etc

Also, a print button which helps the users in printing your content or saving that as a PDF is also there.

This button is really helpful according to us, as it gives the user the ability to go through the content even though he is not online. 

11. Shareaholic

screenshot of WordPress Share Buttons
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Although every social sharing plugin is aimed to make it easier for you to share your content. 

But, the developers of this plugin have taken it so seriously that they have named it as Shareaholic – Just Joking.

This plugin isn’t so popular like the above plugins but still has it’s importance among the market.

This plugin is not just a social sharing plugin but an all-in-one content amplification tool – at least as claimed by the developers. 


Because in spite of being a  social sharing plugin, it has some other functionalities like related posts and social analytics as well. 

Shareaholic social sharing plugin allows you to increase site traffic, improves engagements and monetize that traffic for free.

Not only this, what makes it a full package is its ability to add promoted content, native ads, and affiliate links as well.

Talking about the design, the plugin has four styles mainly:

  • Classic buttons
  • Flat square buttons
  • Fat Circle buttons
  • Sexy buttons

Not only this, you can even choose between the vertical or horizontal layout for the above styles.

All these styles of buttons can be placed in the following placements:

  • In article 
  • Above/Before Content
  • On either side of the content
  • Floating Bar, etc

Furthermore, it also supports Google’s link shortener (shut down now) and advanced analytics with the help of Google Analytics

If you are a free version lover then this plugin will do the job for you because of its lengthy feature list. 

Pricing: $0 Free

12. Swifty Bar

screenshot of swift bar plugin
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Want a linear sticky bar with contained sharing buttons then Swifty Bar social sharing plugin can be your first choice.

Swifty Bar offers you a small rectangular bar with contained social media networks which can be placed either above or below the content.

Although the Swifty bar isn’t that popular among users its unique approach is something which makes it worthy of making a place in the list.

So How does it work?

As the name suggests, with the help of Swifty Bar you can add a Sticky Bar just above the footer of your website.

Now here comes the twist,

The bar doesn’t just display the social icons but also some other information also like Author details, estimated reading time and a previous/next navigation button. 

<<<Image of Swifty Bar focusing on the bar>>>

What makes it even more interesting is the approach that this plugin uses.

It is not just aimed to share your content but to create a good user experience as well.

Pricing: This plugin also falls in the category of free. $0

13. Kiwi Social Share

screenshot of Kiwi Social Sharing Plugin
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By the name itself, the plugin seems inspired by the bird KIWI or the fruit KIWI. 

Just Joking

The pride of the plugin is under the hood of its functionality and usability.

Although it doesn’t allow users to customize at the same level as in other plugins still, it does a great job of simplifying its features.

No CSS coding, no extreme features just simple drag and drop visual builder which helps in customizing the buttons even easier.

Screenshot of UI of KIWI
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The developers of the plugin have aimed at making the plugin extremely lightweight.

The GUI is made so simple and pleasing that no one can deny using it even It’s GUI is the reason why this plugin is on the list of best social sharing plugins for WordPress.

Along with the GUI, there are some other features as well which we should keep in mind before using it:

  • Button Styles (Circular, Rounded Rectangle, Rectangular)
  • Share Counts
  • Front end demo of the button customizations (Preview of the buttons)
  • Google Analytics tracking integration.

All these features are available in the free version itself, However, the list of the plugins is extended in the premium version of the plugin. 

Some of the premium-only features are as follows:

  • Creating Monochrome and custom effects,
  • Changing the colours of the sharing bar,
  • Additional support for websites like Reddit, Telegram, and Whatsapp.

All these features make it a complete package.

Pricing: Free limited version, Paid plugin also available

14. Better Click to Tweet

screenshot of Better Click To Tweet
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If you are a regular consumer of text content and always skims various sites for this, then you may have seen those customized boxes for tweets.

When clicked, they can lead you to your twitter account tweeting something.

<<<Images of tweet boxes>>>

These boxes are meant to help people to easily share the quotes on their twitter timeline. 

Better Click to Tweet Plugin is aimed to help users create similar boxes and use them in their posts.

This is really a unique approach as it makes it easier for users to share your content which in result increases engagement.

Not only this, the more content is shared, the more are the chances of the content to be ranked on the first page of Google.

The plugin doesn’t much to showcase but its approach is good.

Pricing: $0 Free

15. Simple Social Icons 

screenshot of Simple Social Icons plugin
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This plugin is developed in consideration of simplicity and responsiveness. 

If you come from the breed of people who likes it sweet and simple then this plugin will suit you most. 

This plugin comes with the support of some of the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Vimeo, Youtube, and even RSS also.

This plugin doesn’t have much functionality but it can show these social icons in WordPress Widgets.

Mostly it is preferred, that you may place the icons in the sidebar widget. The reason being it looks more simple and professional in that.

There are many flaws in the plugin as well such as:

  • It doesn’t support custom placements.
  • There is no setup for the analytics of sharing.
  • No option for showing share counts.

Pricing: $0 Free

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which plugin do we use on our site?

I’ll recommend you to use Social Snap in your site

Q. Out of this list which plugin has the most number of features?

I found Social Warfare & Social Snap more useful for this.

Q. Which plugin is the most lightweight and responsive?

Social Snap

Q. Which plugin do we recommend for you to use?

I’ll definitely recommend your social Snap. Because this is all in one plugin

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