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Hello there, I am Shehraj Singh

A Blogger, Affiliate marketer, and Online Entrepreneur.

I help people make a full-time income from their blogs.

It’s been 3 years since I started my first blog. Since then, I have not any knowledge of Blogging and SEO. So, I failed.

After that, I created tons of blogs like CTM Technical, Today Pranks, Internet Jankari and Many More Blogs. The list of my blog is tremendous.

Now, I also run my SEO Agency called YoStarter. Where I help local businesses to grown-up there blog. Moreover, My Mission for the Yostarter is to make it Best SEO Agency In Punjab

What Blogging Fire Is All About?

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This blog is my way of giving back to the blogging community.

If you want to learn how to get thousands of visitors…

… and make a full-time income from your blog without hustling 18 hours a day, this is the blog to follow.

Basically, this blog helps every newbie bloggers to succeed and fire the world of blogging that why I name this blog “Blogging Fire”.

FlashBack (My Story)

My Story Started in Way back, 24 December 2016 where I watched a video, Where someone told me that Youtube pays you money for creating the video.
After that video, I did research more on it.
In January 2017 I started my Youtube channel. After eight months, I achieved 50 Subscribers.
But, I Quit Youtube Because someone tells me that you can make double of youtube by doing blogging.
After that, blogging comes into play, I started many unsuccessful blogs.

After that, One Day I invested money in Self-Learning. From that day, My life started changing; I enrolled in many courses. I learned Many New things.

Two courses changed my life. First One is “The SEO King” By Abhit Upadhyay. The second one is “Master Blogging Pro” By Ankit Singla.

These two courses help me to learn to blog from basics to Advance. That’s all my Journey. I am also curious to know about your journey. You can email me your journey at

Your New Friend From Now,

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